Braintree Youth Soccer Rules Modifications for 7 v7 and 6 v 6.

Duration of Game : Two 25-minute halves

All FIFA rules will apply except the following Rules Changes:

  1. There will be no offside violations.

  2. A ball put into play from a goal kick or a kick or throw from the goalkeeper must be touched by a player or the ground before it crosses the halfway line. If it does not, an indirect kick will be awarded at the point of the ball crossed the halfway line. Goal kicks will be taken from within the goal area.

  3. NO HEADING ALLOWED (Grades K-6 only). No heading, or attempting to head the ball is allowed. This is considered Dangerous Play. Restart is Indirect Free Kick.

  4. On goal kicks, opposing players must be back beyond the halfway line (Second grade only).

  5. On all other restarts (corner kicks, kickoffs, direct and indirect kicks) the opposing players can not be any closer than 8 yards until the ball is played.

  6. Penalty kicks will be taken from twelve yards out. Everyone but the kicker and the goalkeeper must stay outside the penalty area, and at least 8 yards from the ball.

  7. Substitution:

    1. Prior to a throw-in in your favor.

      1. If the team with possession is substituting, then both teams may substitute..

    2. Prior to a goal kick by either team.

    3. After a goal by either team.

    4. After an injury, by either team, when the referee stops play.

    5. At half-time.

    6. Substitutions may not be made "on the fly".

*Every player must come out at least once each half (except the goalkeeper). Coaches are required to play all of their players at least half of the game.

Equipment :

  1. All players must wear a league jersey or one of a similar color to their teammates.

  2. Goalkeepers must wear a jersey of a different color or colors from both teams.

  3. Shinguards are required of all players and must be worn under the player's socks. Mouthguards are allowed.

  4. No baseball style hats or other dangerous equipment will be worn.

  5. No metal cleats will be worn.

  6. No player will be allowed to participate if he/she is wearing a hard plaster cast or any orthopedic device that has metal or hard plastic parts.

  7. No earrings or jewelry of any kind will be worn.

  8. Nothing will be used to tie up the hair if it is made of metal, plastic, or hard rubber or has sharp edges.

  9. For Grades 5-8, all players will be required to tuck their shirts into their pants or shorts.

  10. Ball Size : Size 4

Field Dimensions:

An acceptable range for field size is thirty to forty-five yards wide and fifty to seventy yards long. The penalty area shall be fourteen (14) yards from each goal post and fourteen (14) yards into the field of play, joined by a line drawn parallel with the goal line. Down sized goals will be used which should be approximately twelve feet wide and six feet high.