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Micro Soccer Rules (Kindergarten)
Micro Soccer Rules (Grade 1)
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A few things to remember on Saturday:
  • Only Coaches and Assistant Coaches who have completed their CORI certification are allowed on the sidelines with the players
  • Please make sure all parents and spectators are on the opposite side of the field
  • All players MUST wear shin guards or they are not allowed on the field of play
  • Everybody plays! Rec Soccer is about having fun, learning the game, getting touches on the ball and sportsmanship -- please make sure all your players are playing at least 50% of each game.
  • Jewelry policy - NO PLAYER may wear jewelry during BYS games or practices. Even those earrings in pierced ears MUST BE removed - taping is not acceptable. Smart people with medical knowledge put this rule in place for US Soccer. BYS takes this recommendation seriously so please do your part to keep the jewelry off the fields.
Coaches Resources:
US Soccer Federation - Best Practices for Coaching Soccer in the United States
Small-Sided Soccer - The Future of Soccer Development
Psychology of Youth Soccer
Player Burnout / Dropout

Mass Youth Soccer Coach Resource Library

Mass Youth Soccer U6-U12 Curriculum
  • Although sometimes we may mistake 5-6 year-olds for little adults, they are clearly not little adults.
    They have many years of childhood and development to enjoy before they are able to look at life in a similar fashion to adults. The reason for this is that they need time more ...

  • Typical Characteristics of U10 Players
    • attention span lengthens from U8
    • they start to think ahead and think, "If this, then that"
    • they are more inclined towards wanting to play soccer rather than being told to play
    • more ...

  • Some recommended games for U12 Players:
    • Four Square Passing
    • Shield-Steal
    • Colors-Warm Up
    • 2v2+2 or 3v3+3
    • more ...

CONGRATULATIONS to our Mass Youth Soccer 2009 COACH OF THE YEAR - Mike Doheny

Click here for more details ...

Spring Travel Coaches - Make-up Games
Make-ups only. These are not the rules for re-schedules (prior to the 4/1 deadline).
VI Making Up of Official Games

6. A Make-Up Game shall be defined as any game that could not be completed due to unsafe natural conditions. Unsafe natural conditions shall read as those conditions occurring naturally, such as but not limited to thunderstorms, hail, and non-playable fields.

6.1 . . . In the event of unsafe natural conditions, the game shall be stopped for the duration of the conditions. If the game cannot be restarted on the same day, then it shall be replayed in its entirety as a Make-Up Game.

6.2 . . . In the event that an official game can not take place due to unsafe natural conditions, then the hometown shall give proper notification to the opposing coach and the referee(s). The referee(s) shall be paid by the town failing to give proper notification. Proper notification shall read as a reasonable period of time to prevent the arrival of these people.

6.2.1 . . . If proper notification is not given, then both teams should report to the game and the decision of the assigned referee as to its playability shall be final.

6.2.2 . . . If an alternate location is available within the hometown, then the game may be moved to the new location with a reasonable and proper effort to assure that all participating player(s), coach(s) and referee(s) arrive at the new location.

6.2.3 . . . If a field is closed and an opposing team has an available field the game must be switched to the available field, if referees are available and enough notice is given.

6.3 . . . If the game does not have a referee assigned, or a referee does not make an appearance after 10 minutes of the scheduled starting time, then both coaches may agree on a substitute referee(s) and play the game or Make-Up the game. The payment of the substitute referee is the responsibility of the hometown unless the referee is a licensed referee registered with the S.S.S.L., or the scheduled referee takes over the game.

6.4 . . . A Make-Up Game shall be rescheduled within two weeks of the original game and by mutual agreement of the coaches. Failure to reschedule the game within two weeks shall result in a fine of $50.00 for each team. The game will be scheduled by the town Presidents andthe SSSL Vice President jointly. In the event that the coaches cannot agree on the reschedule, or the Vice-President of the S.S.S.L deems otherwise, then the game shall be played at the date, time and site so designated by the Vice-President of the S.S.S.L. The towns shall notify the Age Administrator and Game Scheduler for official posting of Make-up Games.

6.5 . . . It shall be the responsibility of the hometown’s Referee Contact person to notify the referee(s) of the new date, time and site. If any or all of the referees are unavailable for the Make-Up Game, then the Referee Assignor must be notified at least ten (10) days prior to the reschedule date for a new referee(s) to be assigned.

6.6 . . . Any association causing the failure to play an official game shall forfeit the game and be fined $70.00 for the first offense, $100.00 for the second offense and an additional $25.00 for each time thereafter. However, no fine shall be levied if the forfeiting team notifies the Referee Assignor 72 hours before game time of the forfeit. (A team appearing, but unable to field at least seven (7) players after 15 minutes of the scheduled game starting time shall forfeit the game, and will be fined $50.00 for the forfeit.) Any team that goes to the South ShoreSoccer League Playoffs, that fails to play (forfeits) a scheduled or rescheduled game within the last three (3) weeks of the season which would determine the seedings and/or eligibility for the playoffs will pay a $100 fine in addition to any other fines due for the forfeiture.

6.7 . . . Any Make-Up game that has met the requirements of date, time, location, and has a valid referee shall then be deemed an official game and is subject to the rules and regulation regarding an official game.

6.8 . . . If fifty (50) percent or more of the scheduled games for any given day of the regular SSSL Spring Season are canceled due to unsafe natural conditions, then the SSSL Executive Board has the right to cancel all the games scheduled for that day.


Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association Coaches Code of Conduct

The Board of Directors of Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association, Incorporated (Mass Youth Soccer) and the leaders of the affiliated Leagues are concerned about the conduct of all coaches and referees during games at all levels, from recreational to premier to ODP.

We want to ensure that games are fair, positive and enjoyable experiences for all of the children and adults involved. A soccer game should be friendly and unifying - a spirited social and athletic occasion for players, coaches, referees and spectators.

To clarify expectations of coach conduct, we jointly expect all coaches to conform to this Code of Conduct:
  • Before, during and after the game, be an example of dignity, patience and positive spirit.
  • Before a game, introduce yourself to the opposing coach and to the referee.
  • During the game, you are responsible for the sportsmanship of your players. If one of your players is disrespectful, irresponsible or overly aggressive, take the player out of the game at least long enough for him/her to calm down.
  • During the game, you are also responsible for the conduct of the parents of your players. It is imperative to explain acceptable player and parent behavior in a preseason meeting.
  • Encourage them to applaud and cheer for good plays by either team. Discourage them and you may need to be forceful and direct from yelling at players and the referee.
  • During the game, you are also responsible for the conduct of spectators rooting for your team.
  • During the game, do not address the referee at all.
    If you have a small issue, discuss it with the referee calmly and patiently after the game.
    If you have a major complaint, or if you think the referee was unfair, biased, unfit or incompetent, report your opinion to your League. Your reactions will be taken seriously if they are presented objectively and formally.
  • After the game, thank the referee and ask your players to do the same.
We stress two points:
  • Referees - especially young and inexperienced ones - are like your players and yourself, in that they need time to develop.
    You can play an important role in helping them to improve by letting them concentrate on the game.
    You can help by encouraging them, by accepting their inevitable, occasional mistakes and by offering constructive post-game comments.
    On the other hand, you could discourage and demoralize the referees by criticizing their decisions, by verbally abusing them and inciting - or even accepting - your own players' overly aggressive behavior.
  • Your example is powerful, for better or worse.
    If you insist on fair play, if you concentrate on your players' enjoyment of the game and their overall, long term development, and if you support the referee, your players and their parents will notice.
    If you encourage (or allow) your players to play outside the rules, if you're overly concerned about results, and if you criticize the referee harshly, your players and their parents will also notice.

Think about what you're doing during a game! Uphold the Spirit of the Game! If you follow the expectations described above, the spirit of the game will be alive and well in Massachusetts and will grow, along with the enjoyment of all.

Coaches who don't follow the expectations described above will be disciplined or removed.

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